Nathan's parents

To Whom it May Concern:

We write this letter as the parents of Nathan. Nathan is the youngest of our seven children and has always been such a joy to us and his siblings. His whole life he has worked hard in all he has endeavored to accomplish and at the same time has maintained his fun loving nature. Although some of our family have moved to other areas of the country, Nathan still remains close to each family member.

In his growing up years we did everything together, from the family farm to the family band that took us to many places performing. We enjoyed camping, family reunions, snowmobiling, games and so many other wholesome activities. Our home was always filled with much laughter and love.

I will always remember the time another son of ours had to be away from his family for 6 months and left his son without a dad to help him on the pinewood derby. Nathan stepped up and spent countless hours helping and teaching his nephew, making sure he was ready for the derby. Nathan took front seat at the race and was probably the most excited to be there…and their car did come in first!

Nathan grew up being loved very much. Everyone in our family loved him and he thrived on that love. For the first 6 years of his life, he didn’t have a bed to call his own as everyone wanted him to sleep with them; it didn’t matter if it was a twin bed and very crowded still they wanted Nathan to sleep in their bed. Of course he later had his own bed but this goes to show the love Nathan had growing up.

Nathan was also good with his brothers and sister. He has always had an unselfish personality and did all he could to help anyone in our family. I will always remember when our daughter was married and I wanted the carport to be clean so I could display the gifts. Nathan took it upon himself to get down on his hands and knees and literally scrub every part of the carport. It looked so nice afterward and I couldn’t believe all the work it took for him to do that.

Nathan has always been close to his brothers and sister and to us. I appreciate the closeness I feel with Nathan. I think I could tell him anything and he would listen. When all of his brothers and sister left home for college or an LDS Mission or to get married, Nathan was alone with J. Golden and myself. We purchased a used bike and he and I would ride all over town together. He spent a lot of time with his dad on the farm and I know J Golden loved being with him.

Nathan has always been responsible. J. Golden could let him drive the tractor and the combine and knew he would drive them carefully. Because of this he could be trusted with almost everything.

Nathan knows how to work—this is one of his greatest attributes because it benefits his family in providing a living for them. He is a worker.

And Nathan loves children. He has such a good relationship with all of his nephews and nieces—I know they consider him their favorite Uncle. He spends time with them and can get down on their level as well as be a teacher to them. I know Nathan has a desire to have children. He would be such a wonderful father and example.

We love Holly. She has been so good to J. Golden and myself. I know she loves children and her greatest desire is to be a mother. I can see the ache in her heart because this desire has not as yet come to pass.

When we first met Holly it was in our home. It was a Saturday night and the doorbell rang. It was Holly standing at the door with a bunch of games in her hand. She had come to spend the evening playing games with Nathan and the family. Before the evening was over, I was so impressed with her. She was bubbly, fun, and so enjoyable to be around. Since then we have spent a lot of time with her and that feeling has not changed. She still loves to play games and she still is that fun-loving person. We have learned much about Holly since that first time we met. She is a talented person: she plays the piano and the flute - she is a great organizer - she knows how to decorate a home or anything - and everyone is impressed with how she handles any job she has ever held in the workforce.

I remember the times we spent together finding BIG rocks on our property so she could haul them home to make their yard more beautiful. I was amazed how the yard improved drastically under her hand. We also spent time finding different colored Iris to plant in their yard. As a result I have those same colored plants in our yard.

Holly is family oriented. I love this about her because she and Nathan have spent quality time with us and her family. She has spent time with me helping me to understand the computer. I also remember after work one fall evening we spent the whole evening making apple pie filling for she and Nathan. That was so much fun because with four people it went fast.

Holly loves children. I have observed her as she interrelates with the nieces and nephews we have in our family. The children all love her and they love to be around her. She always has something fun for them to do - like painting toenails with different fingernail polish. I even had my toenails painted.

I know how much Nathan and Holly want a family. Holly will bring these same qualities: patience, love, talent to being a parent. Oh, and Holly is a good cook. Her brothers love her to come home to cook for them. I saw her compassion when her mother had heart surgery and she would make an effort to be with her, helping her through that difficult time.

Nathan and Holly are an amazing couple. They support each other in everything and have established a cooperative and loving home in which the spirit is truly felt.
I know it is the deepest desire of their hearts to become parents and we likewise so look forward to another grandchild that we can spoil, hug and give our unconditional love.

J. Golden and Alice

Nathan with his parents at his college graduation.